5 Top Articles in UX design this week #1

There’s a lot of resources for us to learn about UX and design. However, you’re too busy to keep an eye on everything that’s happening.

That’s why I have listed 5 awesome articles on User Experience Design for this week. Go read!

User Interface Design Guidelines: 10 Rules of Thumb

This article is about Nielsen and Molich’s user experience rules of thumb. It is well formatted and offers some great examples of how you can use those guidelines in your design work.

It also gives a rule of thumb checklist at the end of the article. That’s just awesome by itself.

Read it and further improve the usability of your products.

Read User Interface Design Guidelines: 10 Rules of Thumb

Vital Accessibility Design Principles

UX Design consultant Dashiel Neimark talks about the vital accessibility design principles. Principles such as not relying on the user’s memory by emphasising recognition over recall, or reducing the user’s need to scan.

A read on improving your UX skills even more!

Read Vital Accessibility Design Principles

Design at the intersection of health and tech

On how Verily (a technology company that focuses on healthcare) is focused on delivering great user experiences.

It’s nice to read about the challenges they experience, and how they overcome them. One quote I particularly like is: “Technically simple-sounding feature sets can easily result in complicated user experiences if not approached thoughtfully (..)”

Read Design at the intersection of health and tech

It’s 2018 and we still can’t define customer experience

What do the terms ‘Customer Experience’, ‘User Experience’ and ‘Brand Experiences’ really mean?

The author defines ’experience’ and continues by giving guidelines on how to define a brand experience for yourselves. (I especially like the point of ‘analysing the customer’s ‘digital body language’.)

Read: It’s 2018 and we still can’t define customer experience

Chris Coyier's email-is-good.com

Alright alright. Not so much an article, but Chris Coyier –besides being the co-founder of the great CodePen and running CSS-Tricks– just launched a blog where he'll talk about email.

I'll let him explain: “Success in today’s world, in almost any way you want to define that, is going to involve you being good at email. So let’s get good at email.”

Who doesn't want to get good at something?

Keep an eye on email-is-good.com

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