About Geffrey van der Bos

Hi. I am professional designer with an intercultural communications background. The mission with this website is to create readable, no-nonsense blog posts about User Experience design and Front End Development. For you to learn faster what I had to learn over time.

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About Geffrey

I started out as somebody that knew Photoshop. You know. Making album art for local bands. Then the bands needed a website and I taught myself HTML.

When I hit puberty, I decided it was time to leave that highly saturated market for another highly saturated market: communications. I took up an Intercultural Communications course at the Hanze University and all was well.

I looked for an internship during my semester abroad. A software company offered me a spot for User Interface design. My passion for design did not leave me any choice: I accepted.

After the semester abroad, I went home to finish my studies. At the same time, I took the chance of building my own design business. A couple of years later Bitfactory GmbH asked me to come work for them full time. I accepted, again.

Because of them, I've had the great privilege to design for companies such as Daimler, Sony, and Viasto. Make sure to check out some of my social profiles!

Geffrey van der Bos is an User Experience designer and Front End Developer.
Currently working in Stuttgart Germany, for Bitfactory GmbH.